The Well of Lost Souls

When I was growing up there was one person that was always happy to sit and listen to me ramble on about my young adventures. She was my rock in a stormy childhood and my friend when I really needed one. She was the hamburger pizza maestro, the tamale pie matador, and the lemon lime jello master with the three MC's. That wonderful sweet old lady, was my Grandma.........when she passed away it felt like my heart was ripped out of my chest...........but I felt there was no better way to remember her and keep her close to me than to make an animation about her.

The "Well of Lost Souls" was my second year film that I made as a graduate student in the MFA Animation program at UCLA. It was a great journey of growth as an animator and as an adult. The experience at UCLA changed me and gave me the confidence to pursue life as an artist full time.