Johnnie Grinder chose "Steam 33" to represent his world of creations. These creations, like the steam engine, as it became the driving force behind the industrial revolution, Steam 33 is symbolic of the driving force of personal transformation as it enters bravely through the magical doorway of "Dream Construction". The numbers "33" were chosen as the portal to this dream life. Here is where we enter, and become who we had always imagined and hoped we could one day be.


As a child Johnnie had ventured through the giant labyrinth of tunnels that lay out underneath his city, San Diego. He explored them endlessly and discovered that many of the neighborhoods were connected by side tunnels which could be accessed through the manhole covers. After spending his days exploring these landscapes, his nights would be filled sketching fantastic worlds and writing short fiction that he imagined would be through the unexplored side tunnels of this maze like realm. Later, as a teenager he began to grind up the concrete of these massive pipe systems on his skateboard and eventually grinding up the waves as a surfer. Later he headed to U.C. Berkeley to study English literature and Anthropology while continuing to fill his sketchbooks and journals. This led him into studying altered states of consciousness through several trance workshops. Eventually after working on a short film about Buddhist monks in the Bay Area, Johnnie headed on a grand journey to Asia. Here he was able to pursue his art while soaking up visual imagery from more than 180 cities around the world. Later Johnnie pursued his M.F.A. in the prestigious animation workshop at U.C.L.A.. After spending nearly every waking moment working on his dream worlds, Johnnie eventually stepped back and began applying his artwork to the canvas and to murals. He painted murals in Prague, Czech Republic, Taipei, Taiwan, and Siem Reap, Cambodia. Eventually he met the love of his life, artist Orange Li, who encouraged Johnnie to share his art with the world. This led to the completion of Johnnie's first book, "The Tunnels of the Mind", and opened him up to the international art scene where he was commissioned to do work for collectors throughout Asia, Europe, and the USA. While in Asia Johnnie created Nomadic Artist Tours that would take students on travel art tours which were in essence a boot camp for artistic adventurers. Recently after living abroad for more than 13 years, Johnnie and his wife Orange returned on a Nomadic Artist Tour of their own to the USA  where after a four month van tour of the USA they opened a studio/gallery in the historic town of St. Helens, Oregon in a year. Now they have ventured to the magical land of Brooklyn, New York in 2017.