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"The Hierophant" 

acrylic on canvas

5 feet x 7 feet

Giclee fine art prints on 17” x 22” with 1” white border

The Hierophant is ruled by Taurus, so I decided to create this card as Taurus the bull.  He is often known as the pope or the teacher. The scepter in this painting is used to express the conscious, subconscious, and super-conscious minds. 

Upright meaning is about taking a traditional path. All paths are about the journey of becoming and understanding. The keys are crossed as a symbol of the balance of the conscious and subconscious minds.

Here is Biddy Tarot's, REVERSED HIEROPHANT TAROT CARD MEANINGS which is what really pulls me into this card.

In its most positive form, the reversed Hierophant reminds you that you are your own teacher. All the wisdom you seek comes from within – not from some external source or power. You are being guided to follow your own path and adopt your own spiritual belief systems rather than blindly following others’. It may feel unsettling at first as you make your own way, but over time, you will learn to trust yourself and tap into your inner knowledge. Others may question your motivations to go against tradition, but you know deep within that now is the time.

With the reversed Hierophant, you no longer need external approval to succeed. You are ready to go it alone and do it your way, even if that means going against convention. Give yourself permission to trust your inner guidance system as you create your own path forward.

The Hierophant reversed is also about challenging the status quo. You see alternative ways of viewing the world and are ready to test the very ideas and concepts you were taught were the ‘truth’. You no longer accept the rigid structures, tradition and dogma surrounding you; instead, you seek out opportunities to rebel and reclaim your personal power. If you feel restricted or constrained and have lost your sense of freedom and flexibility, now is the time to make your own rules.