This is a biographical portrait that has many of the adventures a family from Brighton, England experienced. They love to play strategy games together so I turned their life into a strategy adventure travel game.

 Portraits and Commissions 


     Creating a biographical or fantastic portrait is a way of taking the story of one's life and having it come alive on canvas. It is about building your worldly experiences, hopes, and dreams, memories, and reflections, and painting them into a magical landscape filled with symbols of your soul. These Narrative Surrealistic Portraits have been commissioned by collectors throughout Asia, Europe, and the USA. Johnnie put most of his early portraits into his first book "Tunnels of the Mind", and he plans on filling his second book with a section dedicated to these dreamy adventure portraits. You can order yours today to make sure and get into Book 2. 

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"Journey to the East" is a 30" x 45" biographical portrait commission.  

"Journey to the East" is a 30" x 45" biographical portrait commission.


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Here are some of the questions you might want to ask,  How to Start my Portrait? How many items should I include in my paintings? What kind of ideas should I put in the painting?

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